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Issue 0x0C - C is for CTRL

Greetings, adventurers! Spring is nearly over, and this time of year almost brings me back to my summ

The MUD Coders Guild

May 19 · Issue #12 · View online
đź’ľ A monthly digest of text-based game development successes, failures, inspiration, and anecdotes from the members of The MUD Coders Guild.

Greetings, adventurers!
Spring is nearly over, and this time of year almost brings me back to my summer breaks as a kid where I found myself with an abundance of time to play my favorite MUD. With no school and not being old enough to get a job, I would spend my days battling monsters and telling tales of epic quests, and even filling graph paper notebooks up with areas I hoped to someday build. That time in my life is what drove me to become a software developer in the first place, and I’ve held a soft spot in my heart for MUDs ever since.
While there is a lot of content for us to get to in this issue, I wanted to take a moment and highlight just a few things. For one, submissions for the Enter the (Multi-User) Dungeon Game Jam are officially closed! Voting is open until May 30th, so if you haven’t had a chance yet, get out there and cast your vote for your favorite games! Secondly, my new favorite podcast, Titans of Text, has a handful of new episodes out since the last newsletter. If you haven’t listened, I couldn’t recommend it enough. There’s so much MUD history and passion that it’s impossible to stop listening once you start.
Now, with that said, I’ll leave you with Issue 0x0C of The MUD Coders Guild newsletter! Enjoy!
- Zach

> notes
Looter, No Looting!
The Secret Ingredient is: System Design
> wiznet
The MUD Coder's Guild Second Annual GameJam voting has now begun!
JS1k 2019 demo — "Genorama" by Jack Oatley
Griatch's Evennia musings: Creating Evscaperoom, part 1
Mudlet 3.20 – Reworked timers, triggers area
> open source
> inventory
Beej's Guide to Network Programming - Using Internet Sockets
Telnet Option Negotiation - Q Method
Screen reader accessibility
You can now download the source code for all Infocom text adventure classics
What's Up With MUSHes?
Do Not Use sha256crypt / sha512crypt - They're Dangerous
Microsoft's New Programming Language 'Bosque' Keeps Your Code Simple
The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World!
Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL, React, and Apollo: an absurdly deep dive
Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users
> cast 'inspiration'
The Game Archaeologist: How Sceptre of Goth shaped the MMO industry
r/UnderTheEclipseRPG - Arcana spell list
GitHub - lorin/resilience-engineering: Resilience Engineering Notes
The Life of a 4th Century A.D. Egyptian Vineyard Guard
> afk
Titans of Text
Grapevine List Products from Grapevine
DOOM Music and Sounds
Command Router - 2019-05-06 - Live Coding Grapevine
> quit
Kornel Kisielewicz
Give a man a game engine, and he'll have fun making a game. Teach a man to create an engine and... I dunno, he's still creating the, what is it, fifth iteration of his engine?
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